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The Second World War wargameThe Second World War

September 1st, 1939

The German Army prepares to cross the Polish border, setting off the most devastating conflict in human history. Can you, as the Axis Powers, force the Allies to capitulate? Or will your empires be crushed under the weight of their superior numbers? The fate of the world is in your hands.

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What is The Second World War?

The Second World War is Pangenre's Grand-Strategic WII historical simulation game. Assume command of the armies of the Allies or the Axis and either try to conquer the world or preserve it for your own side.


The Second World War is a counter-and-hex-based wargame that is designed to fall in between the existing designs Axis & Allies™ and World in Flames™ in complexity and playing time.

  • An interactive, phased movement and combat system that seamlessly integrates air, naval, and land operations. Unlike other "push-pull" style wargames, even the non-phasing players will be riveted to the game maps as they prepare to respond to your moves.
  • A dirt-simple combat system for fast play. No calculators required!
  • A simple economic system that still captures the production and logistical challenges faced by all sides.
  • Simple movement and attack mechanics.
  • Three maps of varying scales that share common rules for naval movement and positioning, ground unit operational and strategic movement, and air unit range and missions.
  • All the meat of more complicated games with half the calories!

What You Get

One watermarked PDF Document that includes:

  • Three Maps (Pacific, Europe, and a linking Strategic Map) pre-sliced for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.
  • Four sheets of double-sided 5/8 inch square counters.
  • Standard rules of play, including special rules for unique countries.
  • One Reinforcement Display.
  • An illustrated section that tells you how to assemble your new game along with some tips for how to better use the components.


  • Grand Strategic.
  • Medium-Complexity (in terms of wargames).
  • Quarterly Game Turns with Monthly Action Impulses.
  • Europe: 125 miles/hex.
  • Pacific: 250 miles/hex.
  • World: 750 miles/hex.
  • Ground Units: 10 or 3 divisions, depending on type.
  • Air Units: 150-300 aircraft.
  • Naval Units: Battlegroups, Carrier Task Forces, Destroyer Divisions.
  • Estimated Playing Time: Long Campaign, 12-20 hours, Theater Scenarios, 8-16 hours.
  • Solitaire Suitability: Medium to High, depending on scenario played.

The Second World War will give you more realistic gameplay and results in a fraction of the time and with less rules thrash than comparable games.

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