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Retiree (Novel)

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    (5/5 Stars) "Very enjoyable read. I like police procedurals and this a respectable effort at one. I'm not going to say that is is one, because there is a little bit too much held back during the story, don't get me wrong though between the technology and the plot there is a lot going on and plenty to think about."
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    (5/5 Stars) "Well paced and imaginative story. Likeable and well rounded characters. Pretty good treatment of a difficult and convoluted plot line. Sequel please!"
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    (4/5 Stars) "This is a cool story well told. An interesting world, a crafty plot with enough to keep me wondering and a very satisfying conclusion. I suspect I'll re-read it in the not too distant. Thanks for a cool book!"

Vegas Apocalypse: The Crash (Novel)

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    (5/5 Stars) "What a nice surprise this was! The characters were a delight to read, especially the main, AJ. I loved her; she was very well written and I can't wait to find out what happens to her. Also looking forward to finding out more about other characters as there was wonderful mystery about all of them. The book has some nice twists and left me wanting plenty more! Nothing too complicated; can post-apocalyptic fiction count as a great beach read? In any case, hoping the next one comes out soon. AJ is fearless!!"
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    (4/5 Stars) "This was a surprisingly good book. It's well written, with likeable, realistic well developed characters. I'm the type of person who normally guesses the who, what, when, where, why, and how of stories within a chapter or two (I correctly announced the ending the Sixth Sense within 20 minutes). That being said, I could not predict any of the plot twists in this book. I can't wait for the sequel."
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    (4/5 Stars) “A postapocalyptic killer biker gang tattooed up as clowns? God help me, I couldn't resist. But this turned out to be a quite passable tale of post-nuclear-and plague America, and a small group that is stranded in Las Vegas and trying to survive. It deals thoughtfully with how civilized people can rebuild their lives without a functional government or law enforcement, and how good people can or must descend themselves into violent acts to survive and see justice done. Was disappointed to see the ending didn't really end the story, and am hoping for a sequel.”

Pangenre RPG System (Various Books)

The Second World War